Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jayne Warren's Review of The Enemy Has a Face

Netta Hofman is having trouble fitting in. A recent immigrant from Israel she is not just different, but foreign with little in common with her sports and television obsessed peers. When her seventeen-year-old brother Adam disappears, she must negotiate her surroundings as both an American and an Israeli. Back home in Israel, Adam’s disappearance would no doubt be the work of Palestinian terrorists. Can this be the case in Los Angeles? To make matters worse, a Palestinian immigrant, Laith, begins to sit with her at lunch. Although the two are from the same region, Netta notes that the only thing they have in common is their hatred – of each other. As the Hofmans struggle to find their missing son, Netta must decide whether Laith is to be trusted or whether he is one of the enemy.