Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Liz’s Review of Maximum Ride by James Patterson

maximum Maximum Ride by James Patterson is a story about Max, a young girl, who is genetically modified to have wings (they’re 98% human, 2% bird).  It is about Max trying to keep her family, or “Flock” together. The problem for Max is that scientists, like the ones who created Max & her flock, want to get rid of them, because they have “Souls,” or ethics.  The scientists want to create a world where only the strong and genetically altered live.  At first, when Max lives with their creator she believes she is “Normal,” but she soon discovers the harsh reality of betrayal.  Then, Max moves with her flock, and then, Max's old childhood friend, Ari, now an Eraser (70% human, 30% wolf) leader, tracks them down, kidnaps Angel, and transports her back to the School to live like a lab rat again. The problem takes a new turn when Max and her flock find out that they didn’t spend their whole life at the lab, they have parents!!  They want to learn about their pasts and their destinies. They spend the rest of the series looking for their past.  Max finds out who Ari really is, and she find out who her FATHER is!!  The brother, and 2nd oldest, Fang,  starts to fight with Max. Max learns that even the “Bad guys” have families, feelings, and ethics.  Review by Liz C.