Friday, April 8, 2011

Review of See What I See by Gloria Whelan

see Gloria Whelan’s latest book tells the story of Kate Tapert as she prepares to leave home to attend a prestigious art school where she has won a full scholarship.  No one knows that her father is the famous Dalton Quinn, a reclusive people-hating artist who has fallen into obscurity.  Dalton left Kate and her mom years before, and her mom is distraught when Kate tells her she plans to live with Dalton while she attends school.  The truth is that Kate wrote to Dalton, but never heard back from him.  Showing up on his doorstep unannounced is just one of the bad decisions Kate makes.  She finds out firsthand how nasty he can be, but when she learns (by snooping in his bedroom) how sick he is, she decides she has to stay and take care of him.  Although I enjoyed reading See What I See, I often found myself questioning how realistic it was for Kate to be making the choices she made: lying to her mother about what was going on, giving up her own work to help her father get ready for one last show.  I don’t think this is Gloria Whelan’s best, but it’s still worth reading.  Review by Stacy Church