Sunday, April 5, 2009

Comments and Questions from a reader

I just finished "How To Disappear And Never Be Found." I liked it better than the last book. It definitely kept my attention, and I was quite surprised by the ending. I was left with lots of questions, though. After I finished the book and realized that now Margaret's mother would be allowing Uncle Ratt to continue living as a recluse in the house, I found myself wondering... Is that really okay? He seems happy living in his reclusive world, but still... I also wonder about Margaret's Mom. The fact that her two daughters manage to catch a ferry and leave town for days without her even noticing seems a bit concerning, especially with Sophie being so young. Does anyone (perhaps Boyd's family) have an obligation in this situation? I know the book is meant to be somewhat funny and mysterious, and I did enjoy it, so maybe I shouldn't worry about these issues. Ellen