Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post-apocalyptic Fiction

The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm is post-apocalyptic because it takes place after some terrible event occurred that altered life as we know it.  If that sort of fiction intrigues you, try these other books.  They all take place after some horrible event –plague, nuclear disaster, alien invasion –you name it!

Juvenile Fiction

  • The Hermit Thrush Sings Butler
  • The Roar Clayton
  • The Last Dragon De Mari
  • The City of Ember DuPrau
  • The Other Side of the Island Goodman
  • Among the Hidden Haddix
  • Phoenix Rising Hesse
  • Gathering Blue Lowry
  • The Giver Lowry
  • River Rats Stevermer


YA Fiction

  • The Hunger Games Collins
  • Catching Fire Collins
  • The House of the Scorpion Farmer
  • Gone Grant
  • Hunger Grant
  • Turnabout Haddix
  • Hole in the Sky Hautman
  • The cure Levitin
  • Tomorrow, When the War Began Marsden
  • The Host Meyer
  • Shade’s Children Nix
  • Z for Zachariah O'Brien
  • The Transall Saga Paulsen
  • Life as We Knew It Pfeffer
  • The Dead and the Gone Pfeffer
  • The Last Book in the Universe Philbrick
  • Nation Pratchett
  • How I Live Now Rosoff
  • Bones of Faerie Simner
  • Welcome to the Ark Tolan
  • The Uglies Trilogy Westerfeld