Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Reading Book Reviews

Airman by Eoin Colfer

airman Airman is about a young boy named Conor Broekhart.  He was literally  born to fly.  He was born in a hot air balloon and flying is his goal for life.  He lives in Great Saltee with his scientist mtoher and shooter father.  He and his love for life/best friend Isabella are always together.  As he ages, his mentor Victor teaches him about flying and educates him greatly.  King Nicholas is sponsoring Conor and Victor’s flying mission until one day when the Marshal Bonvilain murder the king and frames Victor and Conor for it.  Even Conor’s own family turns against him and Bonvilain uses the situation as bait.  He promises Declan, Conor’s dad, that if he does what he says, no one will hear of his son’s betrayal.  He goes the step further to lie that Conor is dead.  Really, he has been given the new identity of Conor Finn.  He works in diamond mines, but by befriending Otto, head of the bulls, and tricking his guard Billtoe, he at last escapes.  He becomes “The Airman” who haunts his enemies and steals diamonds to go to America, which is his plan.  (A portion of this review was deleted to prevents SPOILERS) This book is by one of my favorite authors and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was very suspenseful and I couldn’t put the book down.  It is a story of friendship and fighting for what is right.  I recommend this book for anyone who likes adventure, a good plot, and funny characters.  Airman is a fantastic story.  Review by Lucie