Friday, May 27, 2011

Favorite Quotes from The Edenville Owls

“In bad weather, especially when it was raining and windy, I used to like to go down to the empty bandstand and sit in it alone, protected by the pointed roof, and look at the way the rain and the wind made the harbor look.” (page 23)

“There was something in his voice, like a piece of broken glass.” (page 31)

“I wondered if it was a sin to think about her with her clothes off.  I hoped it was only a venial sin.  I mean, guys thought about stuff like that.” (page 33)

“Well, so far I’ve lied and broken my word and skipped school and broken into Miss Delaney’s house,” I said  “I mean, am I a good guy or a bad guy?” (;age 108)