Friday, May 6, 2011

Review of Three Quarters Dead by Richard Peck

three quartersI’m not usually a big fan of horror books, but this one really was “chilling and compulsively readable” as the inside flap says. Kerry Williamson has always felt she was invisible at school, but it never mattered to her until this year, sophomore year, because her best friend went off to boarding school.  Now she has lunch by herself every day, watching the three most popular girls (Tanya, Natalie and Makenzie) and listening in on their conversations, until the day they invite her to sit with them.  Now, most girls who have such a true perspective on their own position in the social hierarchy would be suspicious enough to protect themselves, but Kerry lets herself be drawn into their circle, even when they involve her in a plot on Halloween to play a creepy “prank” on another girl at school by breaking into her house and leaving a bloody baby doll on her pillow.  It’s all downhill from there, and you can’t stop reading until finally you find yourself in the middle of a scene where Kerry is roller-skating with a bunch of dead girls in an apartment in New York City, dressed in bizarre prom outfits (“Tanya’s billowing skirts. Natalie’s peekaboo black bra and red satin dress. Makenzie in lace and leg warmers”) If you like horror, you’ll definitely like this one, and you’ll probably like it even if horror isn’t your usual cup of tea.  Review by Stacy Church