Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Reading Book Reviews

Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddixamong

Among the Hidden is about a boy named Luke Garner who is a third child, and third children are not allowed where Luke lives.  So, Luke has to hide away and no one can know he exists.  After awhile, the Barons move in, and Luke is suspicious about one family.  One day, while the rest of the family is out, Luke sneaks over to the suspicious house.  It turns out that there is another third child in that house.  Her name is Jen.  Luke and Jen have a rough start, but after awhile they become friends.  In the end, Jen wants to have a rally for all third children to have freedom.  Luke doesn’t want to go along with a rally because he doesn’t want to get exposed, but more importantly, killed.  Jen does the rally anyway, and dies.  Luke still goes over to Jen’s house because he doesn’t know she’s dead.  Her dad catches him, and tells him Jen died.  In the very end, Luke takes a fake ID from Jen’s dad and goes to school.  Review by Katie

Soul Enchilada by David MacInnis Gillsoul

Soul Enchilada is a book about a girl named Bug Smoot.  Her grandfather, “Papa C,” really wanted a Cadillac and he has really bad history with credit because he doesn’t pay his rent.  So he goes to the one person who never sends a man away, Scratch.  Papa C ends up selling his soul to the devil for the Cadillac, but he  needs a co-signer just in case he hides away and Scratch can’t find him.  So Papa C makes Bug sign the contract with him, and the rest of the book is about Bug fighting Beals (one of the demons that work for Scratch) to keep her soul.  But in the end Bug and Pesto (her boyfriend) banish Beals to Hell for 1000 years.  Review by Megan