Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Reading Book Reviews

The Fire Thief Fights Back by Terry Dearyfire thief

This book is the third and final book in a series about a god named Prometheus.  His friends call him Theus.  He is the Greek god that gave fire to the humans.  As punishment for his crime, his cousin Zeus chained him to a rock and had an eagle called the Avenger eat Prometheus’ liver every day.  But, Hercules helped Prometheus escape and Zeus told Prometheus that the Avenger would continue to follow Theus and try to kill him, until Theus found a real human hero.  Zeus gave Theus a pair of wings that would bring him anywhere, anytime.  Theus started his search in a city called “Eden City” in the year 1858.  Theus had been to Eden City twice before this book, searching for a hero.  There was a shrine in the city called the Temple of the hero.  Both times, Theus looked for this “hero,” trying to avoid the deadly Avenger.  But those were the two other books.  Now Theus has returned, once more, to Eden City in 1785.  There he meets a boy named Sam and his mother.  In this book the time often switches from what ishappening in Ancient Greece, back to Eden City.  In Greece, the Avenger gathers monsters together and forms a group whose motto is “Monsters United, Shall Never Be Defeated.”  How wrong they were!  Anyway, the Avenger (also known as The Fury) bring several of the msot ferocious monsters to help him capture Promethus.  Back in Eden City, Sam and his mother meet Theus and Zeus, who was trying to help Prometheus.  The Avenger arrives in Eden City and plants the several monsters in their respective places.  One of the monsters kidnaps a girl to ensure that Theus comes.  Instead, Zeus and Sam arrive.  They defeat all the monsters and rescue the girl using the methods in the Greek mythology book that Sam owns.  But the Avenger isn’t finished yet.  On the way back to the city, The Avenger swoops down and grabs Sam.  He then deposits him in a maze with the Minotaur, much like Daedalus’ Labyrinth.  Theus and Sam’s mother go in, desperate to save Sam.  (This review has been cut short in order to avoid SPOILERS)  Review by Michael